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SheerGuard is a progressive security
company specialising in the design,
supply and installation of the world’s
strongest clear burglar bars and
transparent security gates at
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A Billion Rand Industry

By Claire Mawisa

"On release of the Victim of Crime Survey on 14th
February 2017, statistician-general Pali Lehohla
announced that South Africans spend R45 billion a
year on private security measures – compared to R30
billion that the government allocates to SAPS.
Lehohla also shared that 50% of all households in
South Africa make use of physical protection at
home, and 11.4 % of households employ private
security firms. He added that households upgrading
security measures like walls, razor/electric fencing
and buying increasingly aggressive dogs increased
from 49% in 2011 to 51.2% in 2016. With all these
measures taken, have we become prisoners in our
own homes?"

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"If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to build theirs."

Why Buy a SheerGuard Franchise?

Why buy a Franchise?

by Ricky Walton
Director of SheerGuard SA


I often get asked what the benefits of buying a franchise are, my answer comes in the form of this simple question. “Why would you want to buy a franchise when you can just as well start up your own business?”

Sounds funny but in all seriousness that is where the answer lies.


Let’s take a look at some important points:


Firstly, you are buying into a proven and successful business system that has garnered a significant brand equity which has built up a loyal following over many years. You are put in a position whereby you hit the ground running and have an immediate track record.

Some other important points to consider are as follows:

  • Less Risk & Less Likely to fail!

  • Proven and Successful Business Model with an established footprint across SA

  • Tried and Tested Branding, Marketing, Products, Sales & Operating Systems

  • Ready When you Are

  • Known and Trusted Supply Chain

  • Brand-Loyal Customers

  • Exclusive benefits of Franchise Trademarks

  • Enables you to leverage Deals off Existing Track Record & Reputation

  • Experienced Support Structure

  • Share Ideas & Be Part of a Team

  • Quicker Road Map to Profitability and Sustainability


For those who are looking to take control of their future, have a look at our exciting model today!

My motivation: You succeed – we succeed

Which one?

The first and most important tip about buying a franchise is to find something which appeals to you, suits your temperament and is within your skill set.


Why Us?


You purchase a business concept that has already been tried and tested and is among South Africa’s leading manufacturer suppliers and installers of clear burglar bars, transparent security gates and child safety barriers! Our management team has spent years building, managing, and perfecting the business model and operating structure.


Comprehensive training in all aspects of running a SheerGuard franchise will be given to you by the SheerGuard franchise HQ team before and after launching your business.


SheerGuard differentiators are vast. It is a simple concept with a quick cash flow. Starting with a reasonable investment and has the vertical relationships coupled with proprietary products. Designed for work from home scenarios with scalable tiers.


The risks of setting up our franchised business model are substantially reduced when compared to establishing a new business in the same market.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a successful SheerGuard Franchise please download the application form, complete it and send through to

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